What is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance provides a financial security for you and your family when there is a serious illness, injury, disability or death. It can also provide an income when the income earning has lost the ability (due to illness or injury) to earn an income for a prolonged period of time.

Having this cover in place lets you maintain your life style by providing and maintaining your living expenses, this may include your mortgage, rent, and general living expenses.

There are a few options for personal insurance they are;

Life Insurance

A lump sum that is paid out on your passing. This payment can become very helpful to alleviate some financial burden by reducing debt, paying towards the funeral costs, the use of these funds is completely up to you.

Trauma or Critical Cover

Trauma cover is designed to alleviate the financial impact of the more serious and potentially life threatening illness. Some of the  covered conditions are Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke. A lump sum is paid that could be used to reduce debt, purchased specialised equipment, home improvements. You can use the funds as you see fit.

Disability Cover

Is a safety net if you became disabled due to an illness or accident and could not work for an extended period of time. The disability payment is designed to replace  a significant portion of your income.

Allsure Financial Solutions can help you with a purpose fit solution in the event you need to replace your income or part thereof.

Medical Insurance

Private Medical insurance provides you an opportunity to access private medical treatment when you need it. It offers immediate access to a range of treatment options and options for additional specialist & test.

Allsure Financial Solutions will find a solution to your insurance needs “best fits” your personal circumstances contact Sean on 022 108 7981 now to find out more.