Looking Positive – Property Buyers

By 4 June 2020 No Comments

1. Got home loans coming off fixed to floating: Though no one got a crystal ball on how the rates move, especially in this environment and if your home loans are coming off for renewal, engage with Allsure Financial Solutionsmortgage adviser early and get your options moving forward. Since money markets are expecting the interest rates to drop further, you may want to split the loan with a small amount of loan in floating rate. Talk to your mortgage adviser about splitting of loan amounts which fits your personal circumstances.

2. Your loan fixed and waiting for maturing in 2021 or beyond: Engage Allsure Financial Solutionsmortgage adviser to find out from your bank on the break costs for your loan. Pls. remember the break costs are valid for the day which you had requested and will change daily. Therefore, you and your mortgage adviser should be ready to compare whether you will be better off by paying break costs in your mortgage and re-fix at a lower rate. It is worth discussing your options and being in a better position which YOU deserve.

3. Scales are tilted: Oh Boy!!! What a golden period we are entering. First home buyers cash in. You will not get a better time to buy than now!!! If you got a 20% deposit, your repayments for your loan is lower than your rent currently. If you got only a 10% deposit, you will pay a Low Equity Premium and a bit higher rate of interest. Even after paying a Low Equity Premium and higher rate of interest, you will be pleasantly surprised at the repayments of your home loan. Golden opportunity waiting for YOU. Grab your opportunity with both hands and give a call to Elaine JosephAllsure Financial Solutions mortgage adviser now or Apply online.