Lifestyle Insurance

Protecting Your Lifestyle

What would you and your family’s lifestyle be like if you became seriously ill? Could you meet your household bills, your mortgage commitments … and a timetable of doctors visits?

To compliment your personal insurance, there are personal insurance products that may be packaged to your personal needs. You have taken the time to consider your Life Insurance and your Health Insurance – what if your health condition has a long-term effect or long-term recovery period? How would your lifestyle be affected?

Allsure Financial Solutions can provide a range of insurance products tailored to your circumstances to protect your current lifestyle.

These Include:

  • Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance

Trauma Insurance

We all know someone who has suffered from a stroke, cancer or a heart attack. Life is not ‘black and white’ when you are dealing with this type of critical illness. But everyone is different in terms of how they want to deal with their changed circumstances, but most want to spend time with loved ones.

A trauma or critical illness insurance lump sum gives you the choice as to how you deal with your situation. It can remove financial uncertainty and stress so that you can focus on your recovery. You may choose to pay off bills, take time out to ‘smell the roses’, seek alternative treatments – the choice is yours.

Trauma insurance provides you with a lump sum of cash if you suffer from a pre-determined condition and survive for fourteen days

Income Protection Insurance

How long could your household survive without your income?

Your ability to get up each day and earn a living is your greatest asset. If you could not work for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 5 years… what impact would this have on you and your family’s lifestyle today and in the future?

People we meet with, insure their homes and their motor cars – yet the chance of your home burning to the ground is so very remote. The chance of being disabled due to an illness such as cancer or stroke is so much higher – 1 in 3! If you are the main breadwinner for your family and you have limited savings, you need to protect your income.

Allsure Financial Solutions can discuss your personal circumstances and provide a suite of disability insurances to cover your lifestyle.

“Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for us. If it wasn’t for you phoning David to say Happy Birthday, we wouldn’t have remembered that we had mortgage cover – it really helped us out financially during our time of need, so thank you so much for that.” – Kegan and David

$50,000 FREE Trauma Cover for Children

When parents or guardians take out trauma cover for themselves we have the ability to provide $50,000 free trauma cover per child from the age of 4 months to 18 years old.

Whether you have one child or enough for a soccer team, each child will have up to $50,000 free trauma insurance cover and be covered for up to 48 traumatic events.

Protecting your family is our priority.