Life & Income Protection Insurance

Allsure Financial Solutions can provide a range of insurance products tailored to your circumstances to protect you, your income and your current lifestyle. This includes providing for your loved ones when you are unable to.

Insurance products that are mixed and matched to suit your individual needs:

Life Insurance

A lump sum that is paid out on your passing. This payment can become very helpful to alleviate some financial burden by reducing debt, paying towards the funeral costs, the use of these funds is completely up to you.

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Health Insurance

Ill health can impact on your ability to earn and to enjoy life. Protecting it can give you treatment options that ensure you are back on your feet, earning and playing as soon as possible

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Business Insurance

How would the business manage if a key member of your team – or you – were unable to work or worse still passed away? What plans do you have in place to keep the ‘show on the road’?

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Lifestyle Insurance

What would you and your family’s lifestyle be like if you became seriously ill? Could you meet your household bills, your mortgage commitments & a timetable of doctors visits?

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Your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset, should you not protect your income?