How to Make a Claim

We never want to have a need to make a private medical claim but when you do, you want the process to be as easy, convenient and as stress free as possible.

4 Simple steps is all it takes;

  1. Contact our office either by email or telephone and let us know you have a procedure pending
  2. Complete and sign the pre-populated claim form
  3. Take the claim form with you to your GP, so that they may complete the Private Medical Questionnaire
  4. Email to our offices copies of all your invoices and receipts including;
  • Specialist
  • Hospital
  • Referral Letter from GP

What we do:

  1. We email a pre-populated claim form to you
  2. Submit your completed, signed claim form to the insurer including the supporting documents
  3. Follow up with the insurer to assist with the claim being paid as quickly and efficiently as possible
  4. Keep you informed of the progress of your claim until you have received your claim payment


We give you time to recover while we get your insurance claim paid.