Protecting our Home, Contents & Motor Vehicle

Home Insurance

We all know what has happened yesterday, the day before and even a year or more past. What we do not know is what tomorrow holds? A lot of time, money and love is spent on finding the perfect house, whether as an investment property or to live in with your family and the last thing we consider is that it will not be there tomorrow.

Allsure Financial Solutions Ltd works with you to ensure the house insurance cover that you need ticks all the boxes;

  • Is affordable
  • Covers the cost of rebuilding
  • Is maintained and reviewed annually to ensure the cover keeps up with inflation
Contents Insurance

Content insurance as its name describes is ‘the fillings, the insides’. All the items within the house that belong to you. This includes items for example jewellery, stamp collections, expensive paintings.

Allsure Financial Solutions Ltd will assist you to ensure that your very precious items are covered in the event of left, loss or damage. As contents insurance may not cover the full amount of your precious items – the insurer needs to be told the value of these items to adjust your quote accordingly. Really what we do it make sure that your $1,000 item is covered to be able to replace the item without having to pay more than you excess.

Car Insurance

Car or motor vehicle insurance is there to cover against accidental loss and or damage to a vehicle. Car insurance may also cover the cost of damage caused to another person’s car or property. A specified limit may cover people, but people are obliged to take reasonable care to avoid accidents and or theft.

Common Industry Terms
  • Market Value – the value of the car at the time of the accident
  • Agreed Value – this is the dollar value agreed at the time of taking the insurance review annually
  • 3rd Party Property – you are covered against damage caused to another vehicle or property
  • 3rd Party Fire & Theft – you are covered against damaged caused by fire & theft of your vehicle and includes 3rd Party Property cover
  • Comprehensive – covers accidental loss or damage to both vehicles or the other persons property it may also cover cost for example; towing from the scene of the accident
Do you need Allsure Financial Solutions? Yes! Why?…

We work for you we liaise with the insurance company on your behalf in your time of need. This is what we do and we are good at it! Read more ‘whys’ here.