Jay has been a client for some time, Jay’s cover includes income cover and household expense cover, he is employed full time as a motor mechanic.  Jay is right-handed and quite unable to do his own occupation with only one arm. Recently Jay had a vehicle accident and broke his right arm, being right-handed.  Jay was unable to complete and sign a claim form. This claim shows the benefits that are included in the Income Cover and Household Expense cover.

This is where our service to you our most valued clients is of utmost importance.

In this instance Sean, drove to Jay’s home. Completed the claim forms, took copies of the medical notes and ACC reports (remember ACC covers accidents) these were forwarded to the insurer.  Sean also contacted the insurer to inform them that Jay could not sign the claim form due to his arm which was broken. They accepted Sean explanation and within 7 days Jay received a lump sum payment under the Specific Injury Benefit which is included within the Income cover and Household expense cover offered by the insurer of choice. No wait period.

We always want to see our clients happily returning to work as soon as possible, but should Jay not be able to return to work a further claim may be possible once the wait period has expired.

We do the paperwork you focus on recovery!

Having the right insurance cover in place can limit the finanical loss and angst felt when you are unable to work due to an accident or an illness for an extended period of time.

Taking the responsibility of putting insurance in place is but the first step on your financial journey, you need to maintain your insurance cover and review your insurance annually to ensure that it covers you when you need it most – at claim time.

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