Why a change in your life can impact on your insurance cover?

One thing that cannot be disputed is that life changes. If you reflect on where you were a year ago and what you thought you would do and what actually happened, you would find that life is not predictable and while planning ahead is a great thing, life is dynamic. Change is the only consistent.

This brings me to the point of insurance. Insurance requirements, reflect a point in time in your life. Your needs are assessed and policies taken to protect against life’s eventualities that interrupt your goals and dreams. Insurance also secures your future.

The problem is that if your life changes, so do your insurance needs. These changes need to be assessed and the cover you have in place analysed to see if it meets the requirements you have today and into the future.

Most people don’t want to review their insurance as they think that it will cost them more money and their insurance adviser will want to “sell” them something’.

The reality is that having cover that is not relevant nor cover that won’t protect you correctly, is like placing your hopes in that “everything will be okay” philosophy.

Sitting down with an independent insurance adviser that can discuss the value in the buck you spending and you might be quite surprised – as products and circumstances change you can actually save money.

Special events allow you to increase cover within certain limits with no medical requirements making increasing your levels of protection that much easier.

Let’s chat and you will see the value for yourself.