Cancer Cover – Your Financial Safety Net

A standalone product that pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with cancer.  As a standalone insurance cover, it can be an option for those that may not be able to buy insurance as a result of existing medical conditions.

The reality is that two-thirds of serious illness claims are for cancer – the lump sum insurance payment helps you on your recovery journey not only physically but financially as well.

The lump sum cancer cover may be used for to:–

* allows for your spouse to stay home to support and care for you
* pays for additional treatment
* or for alternative treatments not covered by your medical insurance
* reduce debts, mortgages, credit cards
* giving you time to recover without worrying about finances
* cutting down your work hours giving you more time to recover
* treat your family to a family holiday

The Benefits

* With the diagnoses of some cancers, the insurance will pay the Cancer Cover
* To help with the early stage cancer treatments the insurer will pay a portion of your cancer cover.
* The insurer will pay for your family to receive professional financial advice to help  you make the most of your lump sum cancer cover payment
* A  professional grief support system is available to your family if required.