About Us

“At the end of the day, insurances are the things you never want to need but never want to forget. I can relax knowing Sean and Elaine are looking out for us” – Christine


Registered Financial Adviser – Insurance Adviser

In 2013 based on personally experiencing how Income Protection and Insurance positively affected his private life when he needed it most, Sean decided to become a Financial Adviser. With this in mind Sean decided to help others to avoid personal risk, an unnecessary financial burden at times of Ill health when the unexpected happens.

Sean was recognised as Top new Adviser for 2014 and has founded Allsure Financial Solutions in late 2014.

Sean’s point of difference is that he takes the time to get to know his clients and what their individual needs are. Taking into account all the information gained from meeting with them and applying all the knowledge and experience that he has gained over the last 20+ years in business and making the most of his relationships with the major New Zealand Insurance companies, a personal risk plan is then formulated and put into practice for his clients.

Allsure is a proud member and a shareholder of the Newpark Group which provides a national support network to the Allsure Financial solutions team

Sean has been married to Elaine for the last 16 years and still counting. The family decided to move to New Zealand in 2000 where professionally both have excelled.

In 2007 Sean founded and still runs his own Japanese based karate club, JKS North Shore . He has obtained the rank of 3rd Dan. When not working or at the club, down time is enjoyed with the family, reading and a splash of golf when there is time.

Contact Sean to discus your personal insurance requirements on 022 108 7981.

“Dealing with Sean was easy and we’re confident that should we need to make any claims in the future that Sean will assist us with the same level of professionalism, passion and enthusiasm as he’s demonstrated to date.” – Angie


Registered Financial Adviser – Mortgage Adviser

Sean and I have always believed in the importance of not only having insurance but maintaining your insurance cover.

Since Sean and I got married we have always had insurance, it just is one of those things you MUST HAVE. And, yes I am very grateful for our insurance. Quite unexpectedly as these things occur in 2011 I experienced some rather unpleasant health issues, with many visits to doctors, specialist, specialist tests and even a hospital stay or two. Quite costly and definitely a most stressful time for Sean and I. In the end it all worked out. With the help of our income protection we were able to pay our essential living costs. It also gave me the time that was needed to get well and be able to return to work again.

Hindsight is wonderful, but thankfully we had the foresight to have income protection. I shudder to think how we may not have being able to keep our home or meet our basic needs had we not been insured.

The experience that Sean and I have shared over this period made me want to help others so that they too may have the opportunity to plan for the unexpected events that life may throw their way.

I have joined Sean at Allsure Financial Solutions Ltd, not only as a support person in the administration process of the office but also to assist as a Registered Financial Adviser specializing in Mortgage Advice.

I love what I do helping our clients to make their dream of home ownership a reality.

When I am not working my time is spent doing acrylic landscape paintings, reading mystery novels and mostly enjoying the company of our granddaughter, Arrabella and the family. Quite beach walks with Sean is high on my stress relief to do list.

Contact Elaine to see how you can turn your dream of owning you own home into  a reality on 021 273 9211.






“We are at ease with their manner of dealing especially about a subject that most people would be wary about. If you are looking into life insurance, go and contact Sean and Elaine so they can tell you what’s best for you.” – Bernie